Nate Diaz’s Post-UFC 202 Interview Involves Him Chirping McGregor And Vaping The Devil’s Lettuce

So, admittedly, last night’s UFC 202 was the first time I bought a PPV fight out of my own pocket. Normally I’d just stream it illegally or go to someone’s house who had bought it and “forget” my wallet. However, I bought it last night and thankfully saw a good fight. I was also thankful becuase I bet an entire student loan payment on McGregor like an absolute fucking psychopath and that could have ended horribly. Regardless, I kind of see where Diaz is coming from here. McGregor did circle the ring a few times to avoid being taken down but, also, that’s part of his strategy. I can understand why that’s frustrating but it’s not McGregor’s job to lie on the mat and let you choke him out. If I remember correctly, McGregor actually knocked Diaz down three times and let him stand up. So really, Diaz should be thankful for the opportunity from McGregor for allowing him to get through 5 rounds.

Oh yeah, and apparently Diaz was puffing on that ill all night as a way to calm his nerves after McGregor made his face look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

While there are already rumblings of a trilogy fight, that won’t happen for a while, if at all. To hold us over, we’ve got CM Punk making his UFC debut in a few weeks.

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