Nate Diaz On McGregor-Mayweather Rumors ”I’ll Whoop Both Of Their Asses In One Night’


On Wednesday, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz went on a special edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour to talk about a wide range of subjects.

Of course, Diaz was asked about his thoughts on a potential McGregor-Mayweather fight and Nate didn’t hold back.


I call your bluff, fight that motherfucker then I’ll be right here,” “I’m the only one out of the three of us who can say that I’ll whoop both of their asses in one night. Cause Conor can’t say that. Floyd definitely cannot say that, you know what I’m saying? You want a real fight you (expletive) put me in with one of them boxers then, I guarantee I could beat them in boxing, at boxing.

“Mayweather’s the best boxer that there is at winning fights,” “I ain’t been boxing. I ain’t been in high-level boxing matches with him like that. But guarantee I’d do better than McGregor would.”

Diaz went on to reveal that he was in talks with the UFC about fighting McGregor again but that both parties were far apart on how much money he will get paid for the fight.

“I haven’t been paid yet,”

“I’m not begging for this fight. But everybody else seems to think it’s absurd when I’m asking for a raise. Every fighter needs to start acting like a businessman and treat yourself like a business and get yourself paid.”

“I told Dana, ‘I don’t want to piss no one off, but I just want to get mine when I can.’”

Do the right thing Dana, pay that man his money. He deserves it.

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