Nathan Peterman Signed With The Raiders And The Internet Brought Plenty Of Jokes After Hearing The News

Screengrab // NFL // FOX Sports

Nathan Peterman has had some really bad days as an NFL quarterback. In fact, he’s had record-breaking bad days as an NFL quarterback, as he once threw five interceptions in the first half of his first ever start against the Los Angeles Chargers last season. Here’s a quick reminder of what that looked like.

Given the fact that, in his first 79 career passing attempts, Nathan Peterman tossed nine interceptions — which, according to FTW.USAToday, was the highest-rate of any quarterback in NFL history since 1975 — it’s pretty remarkable that this guy keeps getting a look by teams. The latest? The Oakland Raiders, who were rumored to have an “interest” in Peterman the other day, but, today, made his signing official.

I’ll leave my personal opinion out of this one — except for the fact that this is absolutely absurd to me. However, as you might imagine, the Internet, specifically Twitter, oh, they had plenty of jokes, reactions and all around befuddlement at Nathan Peterman joining the Raiders. Here are some of the all-time best, especially when considering just how God-awful Peterman has been in his NFL career.

Guys, Nathan Peterman has become the butt of every single joke about bad quarterbacks for the past two years. The Raiders, who don’t even know where they’ll be playing next season as they prepare for a move to Las Vegas, have been the butt of bad football teams for the past two years. Somehow, the football gods just decided to come together and play a little end-of-the-year joke on all of us, putting together two things that just seem to belong together. We should appreciate such humor, no matter how piss-poor of a decision as this actually is.

After the Raiders traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, and now decided to sign Nathan Peterman, it’s pretty obvious that fans should be in store for a long, longer, OK, the longest rebuilding project known to man. It’s a good thing head coach Jon Gruden, an apparent “quarterback guru”, has a 10-year deal, otherwise he’d be kicked to the curb so fast after these asinine moves.

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