Nationals’ Founding Fathers HR Celebration Goes Viral But Fans Fear It Will Get Shut Down

Baseball bats in the dugout.


The Washington Nationals have presented baseball viewers with the latest viral home run celebration. The fitting cellie plays right into the team’s persona.

After bombs, teammates place a wig atop the head of the hitter. It’s been dubbed the “Founding Fathers” celebration by fans.

The act recently went viral in Washington’s matchup against the Cubs on Monday. Though the Nationals lost, 5-1, Lane Thomas got to don the wig after hitting his first home run of the season.

After the long ball, he was swarmed in the dugout.

Unfortunately, many believe the celebration has an expiration date. While the MLB and its sponsors continue to search for ways to attract younger viewers, they have an apparent vendetta against allowing anyone to do anything fun.

We recently saw a similar situation unfold with NL East rival Atlanta and the Braves’ “big hat” celebration. New Era, the league’s exclusive on-field hat sponsor, shut it down.

Fans fear that they’ll somehow stop the wig cellie, too.

Fans joked about the Nationals’ celebration getting shut down, which would be a shame because it’s absolutely perfect. It may be as good as the Orioles’ “backyard baseball” cellies.

Hopefully, the MLB or its sponsors don’t come down on the fun as they did with the Braves. Nationals fans need something to cheer for as they follow one of the worst teams in the league.

With its latest defeat, Washington sits at 10-18 having lost four of the last five contests.