Nationals Manager Gets Ejected After Hilarious Freak Out On Umpire

Nationals manager Davey Martinez

Getty Image / Brett Davis

Who doesn’t love a good manager freak out and ejection? It’s one of the things that makes baseball so great.

A pretty good one happened on Thursday, as the Washington Nationals manager Davey Martinez freaked out on the umpire, which led to him being ejected.

After being ejected, Martinez freaked out even more, making it an exciting moment for fans.

Pitcher Jake Irvin was on the mound and threw a ball just down and out of the strike zone. The umpire called it a ball, as it was the correct call. But, that similar pitch was called a strike to a Nationals batter in the bottom of the fourth.

For context, here is the pitch that riled up Martinez in the bottom of the fourth. It’s no wonder he was so upset in the next inning.

So, things turned south when the Nationals manager saw the umpire call a similar pitch a ball in the top of the fifth.

After the two yelled at each other for a little bit, the umpire tossed the Davey Martinez. That’s when Martinez gave him everything he had. Watch the clip below.

Just a phenomenal freak out. Well done. The fact Martinez went back for more made it worth it. He even showed off some athleticism getting down on all fours like that too.

With how bad the umpires have been this year, somebody deserved to get called out like that.

Having said that, robot umps would fix a lot of these problems. However, that means we probably won’t see as many freak outs, if any.

Oh well, at least the Nationals manager got his money’s worth.