Rangers Catcher Trolls Umps During HR Trot Over Controversial Call

Rangers catcher Jonah Heim

Getty Image / Jamie Sabau

Baseball fans lost it on Tuesday night after umpires ejected Texas Rangers manager, Bruce Bochy, over one of the most controversial calls you’ll see.

They claimed catcher Jonah Heim blocked the plate for Elvis Andrus, even though there was clearly enough room seen in the review.

It had everyone in a tiff, as it led to the Chicago White Sox winning that Tuesday night game.

Having said that, the Rangers took on the White Sox again on Wednesday night and catcher Jonah Heim took the opportunity to troll the umpires.

In the top of the fifth, Heim hit a three-run bomb to give Texas a 6-1 lead. During his home run trot, he taunted the umpires by using the “challenge motion.”

Just a stellar troll job. How perfect is it that Jonah Heim hit that home run and taunted the same officiating crew that ruled the controversial call?

On top of that, his home run basically sealed the deal for Texas to win the game on Wednesday night.

Baseball fans loved the taunt as well, as pretty much everyone is sick of the umpires at this point. Here’s what people had to say about the Rangers catcher trolling the umps.

Jonah Heim is HIM.

The Rangers star catcher is a savage.

It’s actually kind of surprising the umpires didn’t say, or do anything.

Couldn’t do that in the NFL.

At the end of the day, this is the type of stuff baseball fans love to see.

Especially when someone has the opportunity too stick it to the umpires.