Rangers Manager Ejected After Wildly Controversial Call, MLB Fans Up In Arms

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy arguing a call

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

Umpires have had quite the season so far as it seems their calls have been all over the place.

That certainly was the case on Tuesday night, when a wildly controversial call led to the Texas Rangers manager, Bob Bochy, being ejected.

In the bottom of the eighth, Elvis Andrus of the Chicago White Sox was sliding into home in an attempt give his team a late game lead.

However, Rangers catcher Jonah Heim tagged him out at the plate. The play looked incredibly close in normal speed, which forced the umps to review the call.

In the slow-motion replay, it looks like it was a clean tag for Heim. But the umpires ruled that he didn’t give Andrus a lane. So, the umpires called the White Sox shortstop the run.

The Rangers manager couldn’t believe it and confronted the officials on the field. He was eventually ejected from the game. Here’s the full clip of the play, via Awful Announcing.

You know it’s bad when the Chicago based announcers are against the call too.

Bochy didn’t hold back after the game either. He let the umpires know how he felt during a postgame interview.

I mean, it’s just an atrocious call. It’s not entirely clear how Jonah Heim was blocking the lane, as it appears he’s enough to the side for Elvis Andrus to possibly make a play.

As you can imagine, MLB fans everywhere hate the call.

I, for one, am shocked at how calm the Rangers manager was in that situation. And he still got ejected!

The technicality of the rule states the catcher can’t have a foot on home plate. It’s a dumb rule.

Longtime fans are getting fed up.

He might be right.

Let’s just hope calls like these go away soon. I’m not sure baseball fans could handle it if the umpires and review crew botched a call again

Also, shoutout Bruce Botchy for staying rather calm, even though he did get ejected.