Navy SEAL Claims Sean Strickland Is Lying & Hasn’t Accepted ‘No Rules’ Fight Against Him After Open Challenge

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Navy SEAL Jason Pike of Frogman Tactical is once against calling out former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Last week, Pike challenged Strickland to a “no rules” fight after Strickland had mocked SEALs training in an Instagram video.

“The weakest SEAL that has ever been created would destroy you in a street fight as I would. There are no rules, we are fighting for our life. Every single time you went for an armbar or a choke or something like that. I would chew your face off…Yet you think you can break men like me? Come to the street where there are no rules where we don’t have to worry about hitting you in certain areas, where there’s no bells, where’s it’s all about survival instinct’

Strickland immediately took to social media and said he was trying to send Pike an Instagram DM to get the fight done.

On Monday, Pike posted a FaceBook video showing evidence that he had never received a DM from Strickland. In the video, Pike believes Strickland is lying about sending the DM and tells the UFC fighter to check out his website, which has various ways to contact him if he truly wants to set up a fight.

“I went through all my messages and nothing…so here’s my challenge to you, Sean, take a snapshot timestamp of the DM you sent me…I think your fans deserve transparency, the evidence simply doesn’t line up, and here’s why I further believe you told a lie”

“I know you’ve been to my FaceBook, I know you’ve been to my Instagram, I lnow you’ve been to my YouTube, I know you’ve been to my website…all my information is there, there are multiple sources have to get a hold of me, emails, DMs, and my phone number”

“If you want to set all this up, just use my phone number and stop playing this petty crap and trying to get the keyboard commandos involved on your FaceBook or Twitter or whatever”

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