NBA Announces Christmas Day Games With Great Matchups

Lebron christmas day

Getty Image / Gary Coronado

For over 75 years, the NBA has been playing games on Christmas Day as a showcase for the league. Until the NFL decided to encroach on their territory a few years ago, Christmas Day was their answer to the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day games.

Still, the NBA loves to put great matchups on Christmas. Because, nothing truly speaks to the modern American version of Christmas than piped-in organ music and commercials for mid-level luxury cars with big red bows on them.

While the full NBA schedule isn’t out yet, The Athletic’s Shams Charania told us all what the NBA Christmas Day slate would be.

I don’t know about you, but my eyes immediately went to that CelticsLakers matchup. The two most successful franchises in the league and arguably the NBA’s best rivalry will likely be the most-watched NBA game of the day.

The Warriors and Nuggets will also play, and that will be a matchup of the last two title-winning teams. Steph Curry is obviously a known quantity, but best-player-on-the-planet Nikola Jokić wasn’t a household name until last year’s NBA Finals.

As for the other games, eh, okay. I’m a Knicks fan, but I will not be spending my Christmas watching them.

The NFL also has three games going on to compete with NBA Christmas Day, with the Raiders vs Chiefs, Giants vs Eagles, and 49ers vs Ravens. Those seem like the better use of my time, to be honest. Like many of you, December is still football season for me.