NBA Fans Debate Whether Or Not Mat Ishbia Flopped After Nikola Jokic Shove

Nikola Jokic pushing Suns Owner Mat Ishbia

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

The Phoenix Suns were able to hold off the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 to tie up the series.

However, the NBA world was buzzing after Nikola Jokic seemed to have shoved Suns owner Mat Ishbia.

The word “shoved” should be taken lightly though, as it didn’t look all that forceful. Even so, Ishbia fell back into his seat and waved his arms.

It led to Jokic receiving a technical foul. But fans across the league are debating whether or not the Suns’ owner flopped on the sideline.

Here is the incident in question. Nikola Jokic kind of gets into it with the fans on the sideline before you see Mat Ishbia fall into his seat.

The way Ishbia waves his arms looks just like when a basketball player flops on the court. Even so, the refs gave Jokic a tech, which helped the Suns out tremendously.

It also didn’t help that Mat Ishbia sort of prevented Nikola Jokic from initially grabbing the ball. It was a weird situation all around.

But even Devin Booker seemed thankful for the incident, as it basically led to a “free point.”

With that said, here’s what NBA fans had to say about the shove and possible flop.

You can say that again.

The league should hand this award out and whoever wins it should receive a fine or something.

This is quite an overreaction.

Is Mat Ishbia an instigator?

Overall, it was a bit of an ugly situation. It’s just not something you want to see during a basketball game.

Maybe the league should consider placing some sort of barrier between the court and the players. It could really save a ton of headaches for everyone.