Referees Are Getting Criticized After Huge Missed Call In Game 2 Of NBA Finals

NBA referee argues with Michael Malone

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

NBA referees get a lot of criticism on a seemingly nightly basis. And, many times, it’s deserved. Unlike 20 years ago, clips of missed calls from any and every NBA game are easily accessible with a simple Twitter search. And, a big call in Sunday’s NBA Finals game has everyone talking about it.

After a big run by the Miami Heat in the early 4th quarter, they took a commanding lead over the Nuggets that reached double digits. But, Denver launched a furious comeback, and had a shot to send the game to overtime in the final seconds, only for it to come up just short, handing game 2 and a tied series to the Heat.

But, there was a key play in the game that may have swung game 2 of the NBA Finals earlier in that fourth quarter. I guess it would be more accurate to say non-call. Take a look at this play, which was not called goaltending.

Yeah, that’s a clear goaltending. And, with the game ending up with such a close score, the missed call could have a huge impact on not only who won game 2 but who wins the entire NBA Finals. And, fans and pundits alike were fired up about it.

Let’s hope there aren’t more game-changing screw-ups coming from the referees in the NBA Finals.

Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr is a recent graduate of Penn State University and a BroBible writer who focuses on NFL, College Football, MLB, and he currently resides in Pennsylvania.