NBA Insider Reveals Surprising Twist To The Kevin Durant Trade Situation


Getty Image / Elsa

  • Kevin Durant leaving the Brooklyn Nets this offseason has seemed like a sure thing for the past week
  • ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski believes that might not be the case
  • He still sees scenarios where Durant stays with the Nets for next season

Over the past week, basketball fans have been left to speculate about where Kevin Durant could spend next season. However, it turns out the answer could be that he just stays with the Brooklyn Nets.

Today, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski revealed that there is still the possibility that the Nets wouldn’t trade Durant if they never get an offer that actually appeals to them.

“Absolutely, especially if this drags out and if there’s not a deal found here in the next month and it goes into August and you get closer to training camp. Brooklyn, they don’t have to take a deal that they don’t want to do. … But then at the same time, Kevin Durant, as he looks at the situation, could he look at it differently over time? That’s certainly a possibility.”

Woj also added that he believes Durant could also decide he wants to stay with the Nets if no team that wants to trade for him can provide a put a competitive roster around him.

“If you’re Kevin Durant and you start to look at the teams you might land at, and then what those teams might look like after they have to unload so many assets, I think that’s why there’s no rush in this process.”

Last week, it seemed like Durant leaving the Nets was essentially a done deal. He wanted out and there was nothing that was going to change that.

Now, it already seems like the Nets may have some hope of getting him to stay. Maybe if Ben Simmons actually ever sets foot on the floor for them, the Nets can convince Durant to give their current roster one more chance at trying to win a ring.