NBA Player Claims Someone Stole His $93K Watch During A House Party

NBA player Caris LeVert

Getty Image / Jason Miller

NBA player Caris LeVert is having a troubling offseason as he claims someone stole his expensive watch during a house party.

The Cleveland Cavaliers‘ guard reportedly has police on the case in the hopes of retaining the watch.

According to TMZ Sports, “someone was seen in LeVert’s bedroom during the festivities … and when the hooper went to check out the situation, he noticed his watch case was open and his $93,000 Peugeot was missing.”

The alleged incident took place on August 1 while he threw a little shindig at his house.

TMZ Sports also reports that LeVert “went to the LAPD and filed a grand theft report, and while no arrests have been made — the case is currently under investigation.”

It’s unknown whether or not Caris LeVert personally knew the culprit in question. It is a house party after all. Sometimes people you don’t know just show up. Especially if it was a big party.

With that said, this is an unfortunate incident for LeVert. I hate it when I simply misplace my $20 shades. So, I can’t even fathom what it would feel like losing a $93,000 watch.

However, if the police cannot find the alleged perpetrators, the veteran NBA player should be able to find a replacement watch sooner or later.

Mainly due to the fact Caris LeVert signed a two-year $32 million contract with the Cavaliers this offseason. He’s set to remain in Cleveland through the 2024-25 season.

With that said, hopefully his watch is found soon, as $93,000 is a lot of dough.