NBA Scouts Reveal What They Really Think About Top 2023 NBA Draft Prospects

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The 2023 NBA Draft is only days away.

What we already know is that barring some unfathomable change, the San Antonio Spurs will select French phenom Victor Wembanyama with the No. 1 overall pick.

But from then on, things begin to get a bit more dicey.

GLeague Ignite star Scoot Henderson is the favorite to go No. 2 to the Charlotte Hornets. But that’s by no means a given. Alabama star forward Brandon Miller could well be in contention at No. 2. Though Miller’s involvement in a shooting case that saw his friend and teammate Darius Miles charged with capital murder could see his stock fall.

What are scouts saying about Miller?

They recently told Seth Davis of The Athletic their thoughts about him and dozens of other 2023 prospects.

“That’s the man. All you have to do is watch that South Carolina game to see what he’s capable of,” one scout said of Miller. He was going through all that trouble and he was still able to lock in. He has the potential to be a good defender at multiple positions.”

But what of the murder case?

“His decision making off the court is definitely a question, the scout said. “In interviewing people and talking to people around him, there’s no concern about his character. He made a bad decision that turned out to be tragic, but from everything I’ve heard he’s not a bad kid. Hopefully he learned his lesson.”

As for Henderson, scouts believe he could be game-changing player at the next level.

“Absolute specimen of an athlete. He’s a very good mid-range shooter but I don’t think he’s a good 3-point shooter right now. His teammates love playing with him. I hear nothing but good things about his character and his work ethic,” another scout said of Henderson. “He’s still very young. He had a lot of up-and-down games where he didn’t really show up and compete. His game didn’t evolve much this year. He has all the tools to be an all-star-level point guard. He’s Donovan Mitchell and Derrick Rose. The guy’s a killer.”

That’s high praise.

The Hornets have about 72 hours to figure out their choice. But it appears they could well end up with a franchise-changing player either way they go.