Report Reveals Which Way Charlotte Hornets Are Leaning For Pick 2

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Getty Image / Dylan Buell

Heading into this year’s NBA Draft, there is one thing that we all know for certain.

Victor Wembanyama will be selected first overall by the San Antonio Spurs.

After that, things get a bit less clear, leaving who will be selected second overall as the draft’s biggest question right now.

As it stands, there seem to be 2 main options for who that pick could be.

Those options are Alabama’s Brandon Miller and the G-League’s Scoot Henderson.

The Charlotte Hornets are the team currently making the decision at pick 2 and it seems they may already know which way they are leaning.

According to The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, the Hornets are leaning toward Brandon Miller with their pick.

It feels like it has been a while since there have been positive reports on Miller.

In 2023, the biggest story about Miller has been his off-court issue.

He also didn’t help his draft stock with a horrible showing in the NCAA Tournament. In 3 March Madness games he shot 0/5, 5/17, and 3/19 as the Crimson Tide made an exit from the tournament earlier than expected.

He also reportedly hasn’t been helping himself out in the pre-draft process. According to a recent report, he isn’t in the best shape and hasn’t been interviewing very well.

You would think this would all add up to him dropping in the draft, but it looks like these issues somehow haven’t hurt him.

The Charlotte Hornets still have plenty of time to make a final decision, but right now it looks like they’e willing to overlook Brandon Miller’s issues that have arisen this year.