NBA Fans Will Now Be Able To Talk With Refs DURING Games Through Twitter, So Get Those Complaints Ready

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NBA Twitter is one of the best things on the Internet, with people tweeting 24/7 about hot topics, hilarious takes and wild moments that happen during and after games. And, for someone like myself who seems to join that community about 10 times each day, things are about to get even cooler.

That’s because, per a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, hoops fans will be able to actually interact and tweet back and forth with refs during live action during select games the rest of this season, so get those Twitter fingers ready, bros. Here’s what Windy tweeted out early today, per Bleacher Report.

Of course, because NBA Twitter is lit AF, I had to see some deeper info on the topic, so here’s how Windhorst detailed things in his story for ESPN.

NBA referees will answer questions about calls in real time over Twitter in a selection of games for the rest of the season, starting with two games next week.

During Monday’s Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers game on TNT and Wednesday’s San Antonio Spurs at Philadelphia 76ers game on ESPN, fans can tweet @OfficialNBARefs or use the hashtag #RefWatchParty to get responses from officials who are watching the game.

Members of the National Basketball Referees Association first tried out the concept last season during a Finals game. The feedback on the experiment was positive, as referees were active in back-and-forth conversations, addressing controversial whistles and conceding incorrect calls were made when appropriate.

As part of the deal, the tweeting referees will have access to the league’s replay center in Secaucus, New Jersey, just like the officials who are on duty that evening, so they can have all the angles available to answer questions.

The union and the NBA plan a series of these games over the next few months, including some playoff games.

This is awesome, and shows how the NBA is easily the most innovative league in all of sports, not just the United States. Whatever Adam Silver wakes up drinking, I want some of it, because the dude just creates greatness, which only makes his league top dog for fans. Could we ever imagine something like this happening in the NFL with Roger Goodell? Give me your answer once you’re done laughing at just the thought of that.

Sure, NBA Twitter will probably go in on some bad calls — like that questionable blocking call in Game 1 of last year’s NBA Finals called against LeBron James — but, considering the league’s replay center will be controlling everything, they’ll filter all the hateful tweets as much as possible. So, while it’s an innovative idea, I wouldn’t think the league will completely allow fans to just go in on refs, but, hey, who knows?

Given this worked once before during the Finals last season, the league knows what to do, so all of NBA Twitter should be stoked about this.

(H/T Bleacher Report)

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