Basketball Fans Are Upset With NBA TV’s Refusal To Change Its Ticker And Squished Aspect Ratio

NBA TV Ticker Aspect Ratio Broadcast Squished Scrunched


  • As the NBA regular season approaches, basketball fans are again upset with NBA TV.
  • The network’s aspect ratio causes a squished broadcast and people are hopeful that will change.
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The start of the NBA regular season is just four days away and basketball fans are extremely upset with NBA TV. The league-owned network is operated by Turner Sports and will broadcast 107 games this season.

However, if they don’t change the layout of their broadcast, they might not get the viewership that they hope for.

As many people across the internet have pointed out, NBA TV’s bottom ticker causes the game feed to be scrunched. C.J. Folger pointed out the difference between the league’s broadcast and the local broadcast.

It might not be something that you pick up on right away, but once you do, the contrast is pretty staggering.

Take a look:

This has been the case for a couple of years, and yet, NBA TV refuses to find a result. Perhaps because their game is broadcast nationwide and the local broadcast is not available outside their specific regions, NBA TV does not care?

They must know that their games are not available elsewhere, so people will tune in anyway. It’s the only logical conclusion, because people have been complaining for years.

Here are some of the reactions online from throughout the years as people are being reminded again this season of just how terrible that it is:

If history is any indication, we will not get a solution for the terrible aspect ratio this season. NBA TV seems to value its ticker over a proper broadcast.

However, people are sick of it. Perhaps if we keep tagging the network with relentless frequency, maybe — just maybe — they will get with it?