The NCAA’s New Criteria For 5-7 Bowl Teams Is The Dumbest Sh*t I’ve Ever Heard

Its been a crazy college football season so far, so the NCAA figured that it would add to the ridiculousness by announcing a new criteria for five-win teams looking to play in a bowl—and the teams who’ve been shitty on the field better not be shitty in the classroom, too, or they ain’t going bowling.

With at least two 5-7 teams—and as many as five—set to earn bowls this season even though they won’t reach the six-win threshold, the NCAA announced that the new criteria will be, wait for it, the Academic Progress Rate of those teams sitting with a losing record.


That’s right, it’ll come down to grades to determine some of the this year’s games, meaning we could be left with both shitty and rare matchups.

According to SaturdayTradition, here’s the current top-5 in the scenario, which includes ties, based off of the school’s APR:

985 — Nebraska (5-7)

976 — Missouri (5-7)

976 — Kansas State (5-6)

975 — Minnesota (5-7)

975 — San Jose State (5-7)

973 — Illinois (5-7)

973 — Rice (5-7)

I get that college football players are student-athletes and the NCAA wants to prove that term’s worth, but this is a dumb way to figure out matchups for postseason play. I mean, shouldn’t it come down to strength of schedule, bad losses, etc.? I guess an A- in the classroom means more to a football game than, say, a win over a ranked Power Five team.

Whatever, I’ll just skip over the crappy games these teams play in anyway.

[H/T SaturdayTradition]

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