NCAA Makes Big Change To Alcohol Rules That Should Make Some Fans Very Happy

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One of the fundamental aspects of attending a sporting event in person is telling yourself you’re not going to shell out more than you should on overpriced beer before doing exactly that multiple times over the course of the contest.

However, there was once a time when fans who attended some of the NCAA’s premier gatherings were deprived of the right to do exactly that thanks to the longstanding policy that banned the sale of alcohol at “championship events” like March Madness and the College World Series.

Thankfully, reason prevailed when the governing body opted to reverse that stance in 2018 and permit spectators to treat themselves to some adult beverages while attending the postseason games under its purview.

There was a slight asterisk to the rule change, as the NCAA decided it would only allow stadiums and arenas that host those championship showdowns to sell beer and wine. I think most people would agree something is better than nothing, but that fairly narrow list of options also left a fair amount to be desired.

However, it appears the menu at those venues is about to expand thanks to the NCAA’s latest update to its alcohol policy.

According to Bryan Fisher of Fox Sports, fans who buy a ticket to the events in question will now be able to diversify their drinking portfolio a bit now that the NCAA has permitted vendors to peddle hard seltzer and cider at concession stands to supplement the previously available offerings.

We might not yet live in a world where hard liquor has been added into the fold, but I’m certainly not going to complain.

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