Former Nebraska QB Heroically Rushed Into A Burning Building To Save A Neighbor’s Life

Former Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong Jr.

Getty Image / Matthew Holst

Sometimes emergency situations bring out an unsuspecting hero in the world. That surely seems to be the case for one former Nebraska quarterback.

Tommy Armstrong Jr. apparently stepped up to the plate on Monday night.

According to Sports Illustrated, the former Nebraska “quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. and his mother saved a family from their burning house in his hometown of Gulfport, Miss., on Monday night. Armstrong was visiting his family when he noticed the house next door was on fire and decided to act.”

Armstrong claims he’s known the neighbors since childhood. He goes on to talk about how everything transpired, per Sports Illustrated. “I saw a bunch of smoke, so I just started grabbing bricks and throwing ’em through the window and realized they were trying to get out of the back right window. So I crawled in there and grabbed her, picked her up, and drug her to the window. We got her out. At the end of the day, I was just trying to find her. It was more of just, I’ve known her since I was a little kid.”

His wife even provided an update on the situation as it was happening in front of her. Clearly, Tommy Armstrong Jr. and his mother are heroes for their actions on Monday. Major shoutout to the former Nebraska quarterback.

That just had to be a whirlwind of a moment for everyone involved. We’re just glad nobody was hurt during this scary incident.