Nelson Cruz’s Golf Swing Is Disgustingly Bad, But That Doesn’t Keep Him From Hitting Missiles At Topgolf

nelson cruz golf swing top golf

Getty Image / Brace Hemmelgarn

Everyone knows that Minnesota Twins veteran Nelson Cruz hits piss missiles on the baseball field, he hit 41 home runs in 120 games last season, but it turns out that power translates to his golf game too.

Cruz went to Topgolf to have some fun and may not be allowed back after hitting bombs like this one.

He very clearly sent this ball over the net, which for anyone that’s ever been to Topgolf before knows isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

For some reason, 99 times out of 100, professional baseball players usually have terrible golf swings and Cruz certainly falls into the 99, but if you hit the ball that far fewer people are going to worry about your swing. He shows off his insanely fast hands in the motion, that’s for sure.

Perhaps the wildest part of this entire video is the fact Cruz launched that ball that far while using Topgolf’s community clubs. That isn’t a legitimate driver in his hand, that’s an old-school, nerfed driver that isn’t supposed to go that far, at all, yet Cruz somehow sent the ball into orbit.

Topgolf’s golf balls aren’t the best of quality either. They get beat to death over and over and over again, plus they’re probably nerfed like the clubs too.

It’s good to know Cruz falls into the Topgolf crowd that goes to just absolutely mash balls instead of play any of the legitimate games and such, but I think if you or I hit a ball like that we’d play ‘how many in a row can I hit over the net’ game as well.

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