Netflix’s ‘Swamp Kings’ Being Ripped To Shreds For Being ‘Urban Meyer Propaganda’

Urban Meyer

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Fans were hyped for Netflix’s Florida Gators documentary “Swamp Kings” before it came out, but things have quickly soured now that it’s been released.

Currently, three out of four episodes have been released, and fans are extremely disappointed in what they’ve seen.

Jason Jones of The Athletic reviewed the documentary and said he was expecting a “tabloid-worthy” recap of the scandalous Gators squad but was dead wrong.

Via The Athletic

I tuned into Netflix’s “UNTOLD: Swamp Kings,” which premieres Tuesday, ready for a four-part series that would be tabloid-worthy in recapping the Gators from 2005-10.

I was wrong.

Director Katharine English said it’s very much on purpose that two of the biggest names from those teams — Hernandez and Tebow — aren’t the primary focuses.

“There had been a lot of negative press about the team, and obviously not all of it would ring true with the players themselves,” English said. “And they didn’t really want, and nor did we, a rehashing of previous stories.”

Fans are particularly angry about the fact that Urban Meyer is being depicted as an upstanding citizen.

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