Several Idiot Patriots Fans Are Blaming The Team’s Broken Tablets On Roger Goodell

by 2 years ago


Remember how yesterday during the AFC Championship Game when those Microsoft tablets that are on each NFL teams sideline just decided to stop working for the New England Patriots? Yeah, it caused a bit of a sensation on the Internet, with people starting the whole TabletGate rumor and going to town on mocking the situation.

While it was all in good fun—I think?—there are actually a few dumbass Pats fans who honestly think that the whole debacle was a scheme put on by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as a way to stick it to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the boys for that whole DeflateGate thing from last season’s AFC title game.

No joke, here are a few things those drunk, pissed off, insane and/or outrageously poor loser Pats fans were tweeting:

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