New England Patriots Receiver Takes Shot At Matt Patricia With Comment On Bill O’Brien

New England Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne

Getty Image / Nick Grace

During the last NFL season, there may have been no bigger mistake made than New England Patriots’ handling of their offensive coaching staff.

The Pats were coming off of a season where rookie quarterback Mac Jones earned a Pro Bowl nod while leading the organization to their first post-Tom Brady playoff appearance.

Then offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to take the Las Vegas Raiders’ head coaching job and everything went off the rails.

Instead of bothering to find a qualified replacement for McDaniels, the Patriots decided to have former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and former special teams coordinator Joe Judge run the offense during the pre-season.

Patricia eventually ended up being the one in charge of calling plays.

It was a disaster. Mac Jones regressed and Patriots’ offense was awful as the team struggled to an 8-9 record.

This offseason, they decided to fix their mistake and hired Bill O’Brien after he had spent the past couple of years as the offensive coordinator for Alabama.

It’s a move that members of the Patriots offense seem to appreciate.

Today, wide receiver Kendrick Bourne was asked about the first offseason with O’Brien and seemed to take a shot at Matt Patricia with his answer.

Bourne was actually the source of some friction between the New England Patriots’ coaching staff and ownership as Robert Kraft wasn’t happy with Bourne’s lack of usage early last season.

Luckily, it seems Bourne will get to be a part of a much more functional offense in 2023.

O’Brien didn’t have the greatest ending to his last run in the NFL, but he had plenty of success before trying to double dip as the GM and head coach of the Texans.

It seems like one of his players is already much happier with him running the offense now that’s he back in the NFL.