New Video Shows Miss St QB Dak Prescott Getting Kicked In The Head During Brutal Attack At Waka Flocka Concert



Earlier tonight we reported that Miss St QB Dak Prescott was attacked at a Waka Flocka concert in Panama City Beach, Florida..

There’s now new video of the attack and it’s pretty brutal.

in the two videos posted on Instagram you can clearly see Prescott and his teammates Torrey Dale and Damian Williams getting jumped by several people at the concert.

One video shows Prescott getting kicked in the head by one of his attackers.

The other video shows one of Dak’s teammates getting brutally beat down by several concertgoers

After the attack, Prescott wanted assure everyone that he was ok.

Police have yet to arrest anyone for the attacks

h/t kempwaa on Instagram for the vids

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