Wilson’s High-Tech Smart Football Will Take Your Game To The Next Level

The Wilson X Connected Football’s about to galvanize the average joe’s backyard football game. This bionic football is embedded with sensors that track distance, speed, spiral rate, and even spiral efficiency (wtf that’s a thing?). Engadget reports that the ball when held, feels just like an everyday pigskin. Wilson’s General Manager, Kevin Murphy said he wants the kids of this day who are strung out on all manners of apps and video games to get out and active again. Wilson’s trying to instill a sense of real-life video gaming to the traditional pickup footballl game. Just like that ongoing Call of Duty Friends Leaderboard you’d obsessively track to make sure your K/D spread was higher than your friends; the Wilson X Connected Football allows you to compare stats with friends. Teams might actually be fair for once. Who’d have thunk it?

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This is kind of nuts. When I was a kid, any day come recess it was a toss-up between kickball, basketball, and backyard football. Oh, and it was a very good day when the forgetful jabronie of the ragtag crew remembered to bring his Nerf Vortex Aero Howler. Check out these dudes pull off some seriously gnar gnar Nerf tricks.

You remember that sick puppy? Those sick puppies could howl dude. Granted, the bizarre shark fin sticking out the end of the ball wasn’t practical for catching purposes, but whatever we were kids, and entertained by anything that challenged the status quo. Also, if you clicked that link and checked out the Nerf Vortex Aero Howler video, can we agree there’s no way in hell that that guy could toss one of those 70 yards back in his glory days.