Jets QB Picture Becomes More Clear With New Report About Veteran Free Agents, Kirk Cousins Trade

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Zach Wilson will be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets this season after Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles during the first game of the 2023 NFL season. Although the former No. 2 overall pick has received a lot of praise for his ability to lead the team over the last week, that was not always the case.

Players wore shirts in favor of Mike White over Wilson last season. The organization refused to give Wilson a full vote of confidence down the stretch. It traded for a four-time MVP during the offseason.

That just about says it all.

And yet, with Rodgers gone, it is Wilson’s team. New York and head coach Robert Saleh have made that abundantly clear. The team has rallied behind him already.

However, regardless of who is starting in place of Rodgers, there is now a need to sign a backup. The Jets have plans to acquire a veteran to serve as their No. 2 for the remainder of the year. But who?

New York Jets Quarterback Picture Becomes More Clear

There was a lot of chatter surrounding a potential trade for Kirk Cousins as recently as Friday. Even though it might be a perfect fit for both sides, that is not in the cards.

According to Dianna Russini of The Athletic, the team has said no. Wilson is the “best option.”

From there, Colt McCoy and Chad Henne were considered to be two of the most viable options. New York reached out to both.

Russini says that Henne plans to stay retired. McCoy, who has been rehabbing an elbow injury, has interest from multiple suitors — including the Jets — and will make a decision in the next few days.

Should McCoy go elsewhere, New York would need to reevaluate. Russini reports that Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Blake Bortles and Ben Roethlisberger are not on the team’s short list.

Perhaps that changes if McCoy turns the Jets down. Perhaps not.

This is where a fluid situation stands at the moment.

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