Yankees Broadcaster Recalls Wild Nights Out With Legendary Partier David Wells After Hilarious Audio Mishap

Yankees Broadcaster Recalls Wild Nights Out With Teammate David Wells

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  • David Wells was a two-time MLB all-star and threw a perfect game in his time with the New York Yankees.
  • Wells was also well-known for his legendary ability to consume large amounts of alcohol.
  • After a Yankees broadcast mishap caused Wells’ former teammate David Cone to sound as if he had slurred speech, Cone fondly remembered his nights drinking with Wells.

Former New York Yankees pitcher David Wells is an MLB legend.

Wells is not just legendary for his pitching accolades, which include three all-star games, two World Series rings and a perfect game. He’s also legendary for the wild drinking stories.

Most notably, Wells’ perfect game happened with him still drunk from the night before. But the stories don’t end there. Wells and former teammate David Cone allegedly used to down 25 beers in a night. Wells credits Babe Ruth as his baseball hero for his ability to hit dingers as well as consume massive amounts of food and alcohol.

So it’s no surprise that Cone remembers his time with Wells fondly.

Yankees Broadcaster Recalls Drinking With Wells After Mishap

YES Network suffered some technical difficulties early in its broadcast of Wednesday’s game between the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays.

An audio issue caused Yanks broadcasters Michael Kay and David Cone to sound as if they were slurring their speech. It didn’t take long for Kay and Cone to notice the issue and for it to get fixed. But not before Cone could make a hilarious comment about the way he sounded.

Cone and Wells were teammates for just two years with the Yankees. But it’s clear the man they call “Boomer” left quite the impression on Cone.

Between the numerous World Series wins and the reportedly historic parties, the late nineties seem like a great time to have played for the New York Yankees.