Let’s All Laugh At This News Anchor Who Announced Michigan Beat Michigan St And Fans Were Celebrating In The Streets

If you haven’t heard by now, here’s the most exciting thing that happened in college football yesterday: with time expiring the University of Michigan Wolverines were punting the ball, the punter muffed the snap, Michigan State recovered that ball and ran it in for a touchdown (video of that play here). Time expired as the Spartans ran in the game winning TD on the turnover, and it was the first time throughout the entire game that Michigan State held the lead. If that was not the most gut-wrenching loss in the 2015 college football season then I don’t know what is. So now that you know how the game actually ended, I think you can finally enjoy that video above.

Jamal Spencer, a sport reporter from WZZM 13 in Grand Rapids either filmed his piece before the game had ended or he simply assumed that the game was over. Regardless of whether or not that bit was live or pre-taped and still ran, he 100% jumped the gun by announcing that Michigan fans were pouring into the streets in celebration. I think it’s pretty damn clear that there wasn’t a single fan of the Wolverines spilling out of the stadium and into the streets in jubilation. That said, Jamal handled this mistake like a champ wit this tweet:


Again, if you haven’t yet watched that INSANE final play of the game you can check out that video by CLICKING HERE.

As cringe-worthy as that was, somehow that wasn’t the most egregious mistake in sports reporting yesterday. For my money the golden turd of sports reporting goes to ESPN, who yesterday announced Clemson’s 17-point win as a ‘ROUT’ but referred to FSU’s 20-point win as a nail biter: