Neymar’s Hottie Sister Is Dating His Teammate And That Should Make For Some Pretty Interesting Locker Room Talk

by 2 years ago


Back in January, BroBible’s Resident Female Connoisseur Douglas Charles informed you bros that Barcelona footballer Neymar has a bikini-ready sister named Rafaella. Rafaella has become an Instagram favorite, eclipsing 3 million followers, just 70 million more to go to match her international superstar brother.

One of those 3 million followers is Neymar’s  Brazil international teammate, Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa. Rafaella has confirmed on her social media that she is dating the Inter Milan attacker, which he followed up with a PDA post.

Now I’m guessing both Rafaella and Barbosa cleared this with Neymar, but I’d love to hear how that went down between the teammates in the locker room.

Barbosa: Dude, there’s something I gotta tell you.

Neymar: Did you get chlamydia again from that orgy you had on the road? Fist bump bro.

Barbosa: No, actually…

Neymar: We still going to the titty bar after the game tonight?

Barbosa: Neymar. I’m boning your sister.

Neymar: You’re what?

Barbosa: We’re in love.

Neymar: Going forward, please wear a bathing suit in the shower.

In any event, love is love. And Neymar has probably already come to terms that he has a hot sister.

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