Former NFL LB Blake Martinez Has Been Permanently Banned After Allegedly Scamming Pokémon Collectors

Blake Martinez

Stephen Maturen/Getty Image

Former NFL linebacker Blake Martinez, who retired from professional football in 2022, has reportedly been permanently banned from the online marketplace Whatnot for his alleged involvement in scamming Pokémon Trading Card Gam (TCG) collectors.

The incident came to light when reports from numerous community members on Whatnot raised concerns about Martinez’s activities within the platform, per Dexerto.

Martinez, who decided to venture into the world of c card trading after his retirement, had quickly established a successful business named “Blakesbreaks,” focusing on reselling rare and sought-after Pokémon TCG cards.

In less than a year, his company amassed a staggering $11.5 million in revenue, attracting both Pokémon enthusiasts and collectors.

However, this seemingly flourishing endeavor took a dark turn as reports began circulating about irregularities in Martinez’s operations on the platform.

The Whatnot community, which prides itself on ensuring a safe and transparent environment for buyers and sellers, flagged suspicious activities tied to Martinez’s account.

On August 4, 2023, the official Whatnot Twitter account issued a statement confirming the permanent ban of Martinez and his associated account, “Blakesbreaks,” from the platform.

The statement underscored the company’s commitment to maintaining a fair and honest marketplace for its users, emphasizing their dedication to upholding community guidelines and addressing trust and safety issues promptly.


This announcement not only confirmed the ban but also hinted at the possibility of multiple individuals being involved in the alleged misconduct.

Furthermore, when visiting the Blakesbreaks Whatnot account, users are greeted with a notice stating, “This account has been permanently removed.”

Whatnot made it clear that those who had fallen victim to the alleged infractions would receive refunds.

A recent Reddit video shared one of the ways Blake Martinez’s company allegedly scammed collectors.

Blake Martinez originally entered the league as a 4th round pick in the 2016 Draft by the Packers, he later also played for the Giants and Raiders before retiring at age 28.