NFL Correspondent Annie Agar’s Confusing Outfit Goes Viral While She Trolls Michigan

NFL correspondent Annie Agar

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Bally Sports’ NFL correspondent Annie Agar returned from a vacation in the Florida Keys just in time for NFL free agency chaos.

In her final video from vacation in Key Largo, Annie Agar took the opportunity to troll the Michigan Wolverines ahead of the NCAA Tournament. Michigan fell to Rutgers in the Big Ten Tournament (62-50) and finished the season with a 17-15 record.

Annie Agar has made quite the name for herself on social media. Her brand of ‘trolling’ athletes and teams has gained her hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Her recent vacation in the Florida Keys also led to a spike in followers. Annie Agar was often sharing videos in a red bikini from a resort in Key Largo which caught the attention of her followers:

For her final vacation video, Agar took at jab at the Wolverines. She went to Grand Valley State University outside of Grand Rapids so it’s no surprise to see her trolling UMich:

The view of that top on TikTok is very confusing. Comments on her TikTok revealed that people weren’t sure what was going on. They wrote:

“I thought “I did it again” meant that you put that top on wrong. Had to watch 31 times to see what was going on there.”

“trying to figure out that outfit, 🔥 tho.”

“In love with your sense of humor.”

While some people thought that was a coverup over a bikini, it’s actually a dress. The full outfit can be seen better on Instagram:

After returning back to Chicago from vacation, Annie Agar quickly got back to business.

On Day 1 of NFL Free Agency, she made a point of trolling Aaron Rodgers:

Agar also published a full Free Agency Day 1 recap for her followers:

Annie Agar has morphed into a must-follow across social media. Her TikTok videos are incredible. She brings the heat on Instagram. Go smash that ‘follow’ button if you’re not already.

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