NFL Correspondent Annie Agar’s Beach Vacation Pics Go Viral

Annie Agar NFL correspondent Bally Sports

Getty Image / Alberto E. Rodriguez

Bally Sports’ NFL correspondent Annie Agar has made quite the name for herself on social media.

On TikTok and Instagram, Annie Agar specializes in trolling NFL teams and players with timely meme-style clips that capture the moment. It has caused her some drama in the past like the time Annie Apple trolled Agar on Twitter after Agar was critical of Eli Apple.

For the most part, however, her particular brand of troll humor is a welcome departure from the normal dry humor seen in the NFL media. Videos like this are her signature style:

Over the past few days, Annie Agar has been enjoying a tropical vacation in my home state of Florida. She left Chicago and headed for the tiki bars and sapphire blue water of Key Largo.

Agar has been posting videos and pictures from her vacation in The Florida Keys and they’ve been picking up a lot of attention on social media. Here is how Annie’s vacation began:

She has been showing off her red bikini as well as a white bikini while on vacation in Key Largo:

The beaches in Key Largo or really anywhere in The Florida Keys aren’t the best in Florida by a longshot. People often assume The Florida Keys has great beaches, that’s not the case.

What Key Largo and the other islands in The Florida Keys has is crystal clear blue water, great fishing and diving/snorkeling, and an abundance of great tiki bars. Annie Agar appears to have had a drink in her hand at all times since arriving in Key Largo:

Her tropical vacation has given Annie Agar time away from trolling AJ Brown and other NFL players.

Personally, I prefer the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada over Key Largo.

The last time I was in Key Largo the hotel concierge stole my driver’s license and sold it to a local who ransoms them back for a fee. I’ve made it a habit of avoiding Key Largo ever since and going to the other islands in The Keys.

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