NFL Defends Terrible Roughing The Passer Calls In Video Sent To All 32 Teams; Fans Aren’t Buying It

NFL Defends Terrible Roughing The Passer Call In Video Sent To Teams

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The NFL has been taking a lot of heat for the many soft roughing the passing calls that have been called this year by the league’s officials.

It’s gotten so bad that Troy Aikman went so far as to say after particular roughing call that the NFL needs “to take the dresses off.”

The call Aikman was referring to was a roughing the passer penalty during Monday night’s Chiefs-Raiders game against Kansas City’s Chris Jones that saved the Raiders from turning the ball over.

That call came a day after the Falcons-Buccaneers game was also affected by a bad roughing the passer call in the fourth quarter.

After the penalty against Chris Jones, former NFL VP of Officiating Mike Pereira admitted on Twitter that the call was awful.

Even Derek Carr thought that roughing the passer call against the Chiefs was bad.

Referee Carl Cheffers tried to defend the call after Monday’s game.

“The quarterback is in the pocket and he’s in a passing posture,” said Cheffers. “He gets full protection of all the aspects of what we give the quarterback in a passing posture. So, when he was tackled, my ruling was the defender landed on him with full body weight. The quarterback is protected from being tackled with full body weight. My ruling was roughing the passer for that reason.”

Those two calls and others that have occurred this season has fans, and a whole slew of Washington Commanders players, very upset.

The NFL sent out a video to all 32 teams defending the Chris Jones roughing the passer call

On Wednesday, the NFL’s officiating office sent a video to all 32 teams defending the roughing the passer call on Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones.

“The Kansas City defender executes his rush plan in his effort to sack the quarterback,” Perry Fewell, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating administration, says in the video. “He lands with his full body weight on the drive to the ground. A quarterback in the pocket, in a passing posture, gets full protection until he can defend himself. This was a properly called foul for roughing the passer.”

NFL fans don’t buy it.

“No one buys this s–t,” one fan succinctly put it on Twitter.

In their video, the NFL also cited three sacks by other players as the “correct” way to tackle a quarterback.

Maxx Crosby against the Chiefs…

Aaron Donald against the Cowboys…

Micah Parsons against the Rams…

Some notable quarterbacks, however, are all about these roughing calls being made.

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