NFL Draft Rumors Suggest Lions Are Zeroing In On Top Defensive Prospect

NFL team helmet on display

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Rumors are running rampant right now as the NFL Draft is right around the corner.

With that said, it sounds like there is a common belief that the Detroit Lions are zeroing in on one of the top defensive prospects this year.

Many have speculated the team might consider selecting a quarterback. However, reports suggest the coaching staff loves Jared Goff.

Additionally, the offense was high-powered last year while the defense was one of the worst in the NFL.

For that reason, these new rumors may very well be true.

According to NFL Rookie Watch, the “Lions are reportedly ‘infatuated’ with Tyree Wilson.

Wilson is considered a premier edge prospect. Will Anderson is really the only player that’s likely ranked ahead of him.

Considering the Lions have the sixth pick overall in the NFL Draft this year, they’ll be acquiring a standout prospect.

That’s exactly what this team needs, as Detroit aims to shake things up in the NFC North.

Tyree Wilson makes incredible sense for the Lions as well. Can you imagine him and Aiden Hutchinson lined up on opposite sides of the defensive line?

Opposing NFL teams are going to have fits if Detroit pulls this off.

Of course, these are simply rumors. So nothing is set in stone yet. Wilson is a top prospect this year, so there’s a chance he gets taken before the Lions are even on the clock.

The NFL Draft takes place on Thursday, April 27.