NFL Executives Are Allegedly Pumped About Donald Trump’s Presidency Because ‘Facts Won’t Matter’

by 1 year ago

One of my all-time favorite songs is “Crosseyed And Painless” from their 1980 album Remain in Light. David Byrne gets panicky with what I consider one of the greatest bridges to an ’80s dance song ever:


When you look at what’s going on in national politics, factuality doesn’t seem to matter to much of America right now. No one is more amped about this than executives for NFL teams, who theorize that issues like CTE and off-field/on-field scandals won’t matter in the name of lucrative violent pigskin bloodsport.

The theory comes from from  over at Bleacher Report, via Ashley Holocomb, who deleted a tweet and doesn’t seem to be having a very good day :

2. An Odd Trump Theory

The presidency of Donald Trump is good news for the NFL, according to a team executive with whom B/R spoke. Why? The theory is interesting, and a little bit out there.

Here goes: “Under President [Barack] Obama, the country was intellectual and looked at facts. I think that’s why our ratings fell. People read a lot about our scandals or CTE and didn’t like what they saw. Under Trump, the country will care less about truth or facts. It’ll be [more raw] and brutal. Football will be more of an outlet. We’ll go back to liking our violent sports.”

I’m not sure I want to live in a society where we suddenly just say “fuck it” about the dangers of CTE or the NFL’s plentiful scandals just so we can get back to violent sports. Surely we can have some common sense and mortality about football while still enjoying the damn sport. Maybe? Mayyyybe?

Maybe there’s a reason why Richard Sherman thinks that players can’t trust the NFL.


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