NFL Fans Are Absolutely Crushing The NFC East For Its Pitiful 3-12-1 Combined Record

NFL Fans Are Crushing The NFC East For Its Teams Terrible Records

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Here’s the good news if you are a fan of one of the teams in the NFC East after week four of the 2020 NFL season: your team still very much has a shot a winning the division.

The bad news is that it is because the Philadelphia Eagles with a 1-2-1 record are in first place in the NFC East (and they just got their first win of the season this weekend).

Combined, the Eagles, Football Team, Cowboys and Giants are an abysmal 3-12-1 so far this year.

So far this season, the four NFC East teams have been outscored by 125 points combined in four weeks, 336 to 461.

The Cowboys have given up 146 points in four games all by themselves (an average of 36.5 points per game). The 0-4 Jets are second worst at 131 points.

Dallas picked up their only win in week two, the Football Team got their lone victory so far in week one, and none of the NFC East teams won in week three (the Eagles tied with the last place 1-2-1 Bengals).

On the plus side for the NFC East teams, the Cowboys play the Giants in week five so at least one NFC East team will take home another W soon. (The Eagles play the Steelers and the Football Team plays the Rams so don’t expect more than one win again next weekend.)

Of course, every NFL fan just looooooves the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Football Team so they are all very worried about the state of the division.

Just kidding! Everyone outside of those fanbases hates those teams and fans across America are REVELING in the NFC East’s misfortune.

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