NFL Fans Have Mixed Reactions To League’s News About The Wonderlic Test

NFL Fans Have Mixed Reactions To League's News About The Wonderlic Test

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  • A report dropped on Wednesday that the NFL would soon roll out significant changes to the NFL Draft process
  • One of the biggest reported changes is the NFL will do away with the infamous Wonderlic Test which Draft haters love to discuss
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Consider this the end of an era. A report from the Associated Press dropped on Wednesday claiming the NFL will soon get rid of the Wonderlic Test, the test that haters love to call out anytime a top NFL Draft pick performs miserably.

All things considered, the Wonderlic Test was absolutely useless. Lamar Jackson scored 13 out of 50 according to leaked Wonderlic Test scores from a few years ago. Clearly, that test had no reflection on Lamar Jackson’s ability to win games in the NFL (when he’s healthy). And Baker Mayfield scored a reported 25 out of 50 which you can take with a grain of salt.

In addition to abolishing the Wonderlic Test, the NFL is reportedly threatening teams with the loss of NFL Draft picks for interview violations. This marks a drastic overhaul from years past.

NFL Getting Rid Of Wonderlic Test and other NFL Draft Rule Changes

The NFL told the Associated Press that teams could face the loss of 4th and 5th Round draft picks for violations:

In a memo obtained by the AP that was sent to clubs on Wednesday, the league said a team would forfeit a draft pick between the first and fourth round and be fined a minimum of $150,000 if it’s determined a club representative displayed conduct that is “disrespectful, inappropriate, or unprofessional” during an interview. Fines and/or suspensions of individual club employees also could be imposed, according to the memo.

Wide receivers and tight ends will also now run cross routes instead of wheel routes while running backs will run option routes in the drills portion of the Scouting Combine.

NFL Fans React To Scouting Combine and NFL Draft Changes

I’d be pissed if my scores on any significant test got leaked to the public unless I scored a 100% on that test. But the Wonderlic Test has been previously proven to not be correlated to success in the NFL so it’s high time they got rid of it. It will be interesting to see if the NFL replaces it with something else.