NFL Teams Got Super Creative With Their Schedule Release Videos And The Results Were Awesome

NFL Schedule Release

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The start of the 2021 NFL season is just over 100 days away and the matchups are finally locked in for the year. Wednesday marked the official schedule release night, which has become quite the spectacle in recent years, and social media teams did it big. Ranging from a Post Malone appearance to cartoon animations to Florida Man, each organization took their own twist on the evening and the results were awesome.

One of the biggest fan favorites of the evening came out of Baltimore. The Ravens decided to go the Cameo route and brought in Kevin from The Office, Shooter McGavin and LaVar Ball, among others. It was the most random assortment of individuals and it really couldn’t be better.

Sticking with the celebrity appearance theme, the Cowboys called upon Post Malone to make ’em say WOW. Jerry Jones getting dripped out and making it rain is quite the surprise.

The Broncos chose to play into the ongoing social media debate about paying interns. However, their intern might be a little bit more recognizable than most.

The defending Super Bowl champions also kept things in-house and let Gronk be Gronk.

Their NFC South rivals decided to release a movie trailer.

Staying within the media sphere, the Giants created a video game.

A little bit less high-tech, the Chargers went old-school and made a Powerpoint. Yes, you read that right.

Perhaps the most cinematic of the bunch, the Bills got really creative.

Other highlights included Houston’s fried rice artist, Atlanta’s animated short and Duval embracing Florida Man.

It’s worth checking out the rest of the NFL schedule release videos, as they’re all super unique in their own ways. Football is coming!!!