Fans Are Calling For The NFL To Fire Ref Jerome Boger After Major Screw Up In Bengals-Raiders Playoff Game

Jerome Boger

NBC Sports

  • NFL ref Jerome Boger is being criticized over his crew’s performance on Saturday night during the Bengals-Raiders game
  • Things got so bad that Boger was trending on social media because fans want him fired
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Veteran NFL referee Jerome Boger is having a rough night during the Bengals-Raiders playoff game.

Boger, who was named the lead official for the Bengals-Raiders game, clearly screwed up when he allowed a Bengals TD after someone on his crew had blown their whistle before the conclusion of the play.

The NFL will apparently acknowledge Boger’s screw-up after the Bengals-Raiders game ends.

Boger’s name began trending on social media after fans are calling for the league to fire him over his crucial error on Saturday night.

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