NFL Comes Down Hard On Miami Dolphins, Owner Stephen Ross Over Tom Brady Tampering Case

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Perhaps the NBA and Adam Silver could learn a thing or two from the NFL and Roger Goodell.

Silver and the league and currently in the midst of investigations into both the Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks for tampering in the offseason. Most fans that both teams will get off lightly, as is usual in the NBA with tampering cases.

NFL Gives Dolphins Significant Penalties For Tampering With Tom Brady

But apparently the NFL doesn’t take the issue quite so lightly.

The league brought down an absolute sledgehammer on the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday for tampering with then New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the 2019-20 NFL season.

The NFL stripped the Dolphins of their first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and third-round pick in the 2024 draft. It also suspended team owner Stephen Ross until Oct. 17 and fined Ross a massive $1.5 million.

The league then issued the following statement on the incident:

The Dolphins had impermissible communications with quarterback Tom Brady in 2019-20, while he was under contract to the New England Patriots. Those communications began as early as August 2019 and continued throughout the 2019 season and post-season. These numerous and detailed discussions were conducted by Mr. Beal, who in turn kept Mr. Ross and other Dolphins executives informed of his discussions with Mr. Brady.

Goodell also weighed in personally on the investigation and why the punishment was so severe.

Some fans and media were left wondering whether or not Brady will face some sort of punishment for his involvement, as well as what the reasoning could be for letting him off.

The three-page report by the league addresses the totality of the findings and punishments, but makes no mention of a suspension or fine for the Tampa Bay quarterback. It also, critically, clears the Dolphins of wrongdoing involving allegations of tanking from former head coach Brian Flores.

Either way, Miami’s penalties are extremely severe and a tough blow for a young, up and coming team.