NFL Gets Savagely Mocked For Promotion That Looks Like It Came From An Episode Of ‘The Office’

NFL Gets Mocked For Promotion That Looks It Came From The Office


Seeing as how it is September 15th, the NFL decided to remind everyone with a few slides that the league is celebrating Latino Heritage Month.

In a tweet sharing its mission statement this month, the NFL wrote, “The League is proud to celebrate Latino heritage month by highlighting NFL players, coaches and staff while partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. We look forward to continuing collaborations with Latino creators, artists and writers.

“We are here to amplify the voices of the Latino community off the football field.”

Nice sentiment.

But hold on a second… what is that on the NFL logo?

On another slide, the NFL writes, “This shield integrates an unmistakable Latin flavor and is fundamental to our always-on, 365 day initiative. The electric brush stroke of the ‘EÑE’ is filled with an infectious personality that is carried out through the rest of the look and feel.”

Yeah… I thought so… they did just use a marker to add a tilde over the “N” in the NFL logo.

Where have we seen that before???

Oh, right! On The Office when they had a Mexican-themed welcome back party for Oscar.

“For the culture” indeed.

Football fans cannot unsee The Office in the NFL’s Latino Heritage Month promotion

This weak move by the NFL did not go unnoticed by many NFL fans as well as several folks in the media. The comments have been relentless.

That’s right. Show your pride.

Here’s how we picture this idea for Latino Heritage Month by the NFL being created and presented…

It definitely does have a certain kind of vibe, doesn’t it?

There’s also this…

Did Nike come up with this idea too?

Good try, good effort, NFL.

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