New Rule Changes May Be Coming To The NFL And They Are Pretty Cool

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The NFL seemingly is always tinkering with its very large rule book. Most of the time, fans complain about every change, especially when it comes to protecting quarterbacks.

But, each year, teams can submit new rule changes to be considered. Some of them are dumb and have no chance to pass. But, everyone once in a while, some good rules are proposed that NFL fans like.

This year is no different. the most notable proposals center around onside kicks and emergency quarterbacks.

Here are some more details, courtesy of the article.

The NFL tabled discussion on proposals to allow teams to try a fourth-and-15 play rather than an onside kick in the past and Maske reports that it is up for discussion again. The XFL has implemented the rule and St. Louis pulled off a conversion to propel themselves to a win this season.

Also up for consideration are a return of the rule allowing teams to dress a third quarterback for use in an emergency. That was expected after the 49ers were down to no healthy quarterbacks in their NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles.

I love the idea of eliminating the onside kick and replacing it with a 4th and 15. The NFL has made onside kicks impossible, and I understand the safety implications as to why they are doing it. This would be a safe way to give teams an opportunity to get the ball back, and 4th and 15’s are pretty hard to convert. I think it will make end of games a lot more exciting and put games in the hands of players we know, not a random kicker and some special teams players.

Garrett Carr
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