NFL Reportedly Wants To Avoid Awkward Situation For Quentin Johnston On Draft Day

NFL prospect Quentin Johnston

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

This year’s wide receiver class is all over the place, but the general consensus is that three prospects will be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Well, the latest reports might just indicate that only two wide receivers could be taken in round one.

According to Yahoo Sports, the NFL has decided not to invite Quentin Johnston to the NFL Draft. Instead, the TCU prospect will watch the draft from home.

Yahoo Sports explains, “The NFL never wants a situation like what happened to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson when he was caught on camera waiting and waiting until he was finally chosen with the last pick of the first round.”

The NFL chooses who to invite to the draft based on rumors and reports they see in regard to the incoming prospects.

With that in mind, it appears the league fully believes Quentin Johnston could potentially fall late in round one. Or, possibly even fall into round two.

Interestingly enough, the league invited both Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Jordan Addison.

Throughout the offseason, it’s been believed that Johnston is one of the top wide receiver prospects in this draft class.

However, with how the NFL opted to not even invite him to the draft, perhaps Quentin Johnston isn’t as high up on draft boards as many previously believed.

Maybe we’ll be in for a bit of a surprise during the NFL Draft. It rarely ever goes the way many speculate.

As of this moment, Quentin Johnston could be the first wide receiver selected, or, he could fall out of round one completely.

Based on the NFL’s decision, the league clearly believes Johnston is going to be available for most of the night of the opening round.

Make sure to tune into the NFL Draft on Thursday, April 27 to see where Quentin Johnston and every other prospect lands.