Jameis Winston Aka ‘The Jaboo’ And Other NFL Rookies Give Their Best WWE Promos And These Jabronis Are Great


YouTube / Bleacher Report

We’re balls deep here in the 2015 NFL season, and going into Week 3 there are already some extremely compelling stories among the rookies. Some examples of this include Marcus Mariota’s amazing Week 1 QB rating and Jameis Winston getting his first NFL win in Week 2 after throwing a pick-six as his very first pass in the NFL. However, this video isn’t about any of that, this video’s STRAIGHT HYPE in the ‘WWE Promos’ style that we all have come to know and love over the years.

They’ve got Jameis ‘The Jaboo’ Winston, Devin ‘The Wolverine’ Funchess, and Melvin ‘The Hulk’ Gordon. What threw me off a little was Melvin Gordon, who in this scenario is supposed to be the ‘Hulk’, but he immediately grabs the microphone and starts dropping ‘jabroni’ left and right. Does he not know his WWE catchphrases? Is ‘jabroni’ the only catchphrase that Melvin Gordon knows? These are some questions I would like the answers to.

It’s pretty obvious which of these NFL rookies have the biggest personalities based upon how willing they are to get into character for this (we’re looking at you, Jaboo), and which ones probably think their teammates are going to haze the shit out of them in the locker room if they get too real with this. That said, these ‘WWE promos with NFL rookies’ is probably the best video Bleacher Report has done in months (years?).