NFL Scouts Reportedly Very Impressed By One Prospect

NFL prospect Bijan Robinson

Getty Image / Tim Warner

Heading into draft season in the NFL, there is quite a bit of talent to be found at the top of draft boards.

There are a pair of promising quarterback prospects.

There’s a dominant edge rusher.

There is an absolute force in the middle of the defensive line.

One thing you won’t find at the top of draft boards is a running back.

However, that isn’t because of a lack of top-end talent.

According to NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, scouts are extremely impressed with Texas running back Bijan Robinson.

Bijan Robinson receiving rave reviews from scouts isn’t exactly a surprise.

Over the course of a 3-year career at Texas, Robinson racked up 3410 rushing yards while averaging 6.3 yards per carry. He also flashed some receiving talent, making 60 catches for 805 yards.

His last year in college was particularly impressive. He ran for 1580 yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior and was the star of the Longhorns’ offense.

There hasn’t been any doubt in some time about where Robinson stands compared to all other running backs in this class. He will be the first one taken.

The only thing stopping him from being a top 10 pick in this draft is the value of the position he plays. He is just as deserving of being a top draft pick as Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley were, but teams have learned that it is a mistake to spend that kind of draft capital on a running back.

However, there is a positive to that for Robinson. The later in round 1 he falls, the better the team he’ll be playing for.

That should help him showcase his skills right from the start of his NFL career and could give him the opportunity to play in some big games early.

Now it’s just a matter of which contender ends up picking him up in the draft.