NFL Players Embrace The ‘NFL Is Scripted’ Meme At The Pro-Bowl


Michael Owens/Getty Images

A recent meme has taken over social media lately. After an parody appearance by former NFL running back Arian Foster on the Barstool Pardon My Take podcast, where he claimed that each season in the National Football League is pre-scripted by writers, the jokes wrote themselves as creative minds pretended the meme is for real.


The NFL is “rigged” meme has taken over the internet, with the initial tweet being viewed over 291 million times, getting more than 119,000 likes and has over 21,500 quote tweets full of humor.


NFL Players Embrace The Meme In Real Life

At the Pro-Bowl of the 2022 season on Sunday, NFL players across all teams have bought into the “script” meme. Several players got caught on Mic’d Up sharing jokes with each other. Including New York Jets rookie Cornerback Sauce Gardner, Los Angeles Chargers Safety Derwin James, Miami Dolphins Cornerback Xaxien Howard and Tennessee Titans Long Snapper Morgan Cox.