Sunday NFL Betting Recap: One Bettor Lost $216K On The Chargers, Another Won $250K On The Jets

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With only the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers left to play at Lambeau Field, the NFL’s Week 6 is nearly in the books. We’ve reached the point in the season where we have a much clearer idea of which teams are actually good (Patriots) and which ones have benefitted from easy early scheduling (Cowboys).

The New York Jets pulled off the most improbable win of the week by beating the Dallas Cowboys 22-24 at home and recording the first Jets win of the 2019 NFL season. The Jets were +7 going into the game which seemed generous to a lot of bettors given how the Cowboys had beat up on lowly teams so far this season but the Jets prevailed and with that win, the House won pretty damn big aside from a few outliers.

One of those outliers was a bettor who put down $250,000 on the Jets (+7) to net $500,000 at The Ocean Atlantic City William Hill sportsbook. That dude was probably the happiest bettor in America yesterday:

According to Rovell, 74% of all the money wagered on that game across the 100+ William Hill sportsbooks on Sunday was on the Cowboys at -7. So that was a massive win for the house. Likewise, the Jaguars and Titans losses meant that William Hill saw one of its biggest earning days of the season.

Kansas City losing to the Texans was another big upset for bettors. The Chiefs were -5 and lost 31-24 at home to the Texans. One bettor put down $22,000 on the Chiefs that would’ve paid out $20,000 while Kansas City lost their second game in a row.

This must’ve been the biggest loss of the weekend (by far). A bettor wagered $216,000 on the Chargers money line to win $77,000 and as we now know the Chargers lost to the Steelers 24-17 on Sunday Night Football.

That hurts. All of that money just gone in an instant because the Steelers looked like trash to start the season. At least Pittsburgh jumped on that early lead so the person didn’t have hope up until the last second.

Here’s a look at the opening spreads for Week 7:

For a full rundown of yesterday’s action, you can click here to see a recap on The Action Network.

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