NFLPA Files Collusion Claim Against The NFL And Fans Are Buzzing About It

NFLPA Files Collusion Claim Against The NFL And Fans Are Buzzing

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Finances in the NFL have been a hot topic of discussion for years now. With other sports leagues allowing more guarantees in contracts, professional football players are hoping to get much of the same. However, it’s been incredibly difficult for the most part. For that reason, the NFLPA surprisingly placed a collusion claim against the league.

According to The Athletic, “the NFLPA has filed a collusion claim, arguing that NFL owners are colluding to prevent fully guaranteed contracts.” What seems to have set off this decision was the fact Deshaun Watson received a fully guaranteed deal while no other quarterback has gotten one since then.

All eyes are on the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson, as they failed to come to an agreement on a new deal. It’s a bit insane they weren’t able to come to an agreement considering the Cleveland Browns gave Watson a fully guaranteed contract amid his sexual assault allegations.

It’s a bad look for the NFL in general. Either way, it has football fans everywhere buzzing about what could be in store for the future.

A lot of people are wondering why any franchise would follow in Cleveland’s footsteps.

Seems to be a lot of business experts in the mentions these days.

We’ll see how this plays out. It appears the NFLPA is using Lamar Jackson’s situation with the Ravens as leverage against the NFL. Maybe more guaranteed deals will come to fruition in the future. For now, we’ll just have to keep a close eye on the league. Especially once the offseason begins. In the meantime, look for Jackson to keep balling out.