The NFLPA Has Warned Players About Signing With The Jaguars (And Not Just Because They’re Terrible)

nflpa warns players signing with jaguars

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In 2016, the Patriots unexpectedly traded Jamie Collins to the Browns and there were rumors Bill Belichick made the decision in order to discipline the linebacker for various transgressions by exiling him to Cleveland.

Since then, a couple of other players who were traded to the hapless franchise have gone on record as saying they viewed the transactions as punishment, as both Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. went on record as saying their previous teams dispatched them to Ohio “to die.”

Cleveland still isn’t the most attractive destination and they’re currently dealing with plenty of internal drama thanks in no small part to the two players mentioned in that last paragraph.

However, if the NFLPA is to be believed, there’s one team in particular that players should avoid like the plague: the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On Monday, an arbiter issued a ruling against the Jags concerning a policy that required players to travel to the team’s facilities for medical treatment in the offseason and made them subject to fines if they didn’t comply.

While examining the case, it was discovered the team had fined one player 25 times and cost him $700,000, and after the ruling was announced, Dante Fowler revealed he was the person in question and that he’d managed to recoup his losses.

Following the decision, the NFLPA released a statement celebrating the victory in which they warned players to think twice about signing with the Jaguars, who have been responsible for 25% of all grievances filed in the past two years.

Jalen Ramsey, who was traded to the Rams following a few drama-filled weeks earlier this season, also chimed in after hearing the news.

I’d love to see these guys leave a Glassdoor review.